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Since my early days, I have known with clarity and precision that my calling is to provide a supportive place and process for individuals to become their true self. I’ve found that the most powerful times for the true self to emerge is during key rites of passage or life transitions (i.e. graduation, marriage, new parent, retirement, etc.) where the false self is stripped of its power and a liminal window opens to more liberating ways of being in the world. Through committed study, deep reflection and inner work, I have dedicated my life to supporting others in these challenging eras of life so that you can experience the vitality of rising into the radiance of your true self. Here, you discover your own greatness and learn how to give it back to the world.

Currently, in addition to my private practice, I’m a Mindfulness Coach with a Corporate Wellness Program called LIFE XT. For the past 7 years, I’ve also worked in higher education settings both at Naropa University and the University of Denver supporting and mentoring students to manifest their excellence in their respective career paths.

I’m a passionate and engaged father of three boys, (Rowan, Braeden and Kienan) and I find my greatest joy in their company. I’m also a committed husband to the kindest and most beautiful woman I have ever met. In the daily practice that is family life, I re-discover my own growing edges alongside my greatest gifts.

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