Quarter / Midlife Crisis

The unwavering truth of the psyche is: change or wither into resentment; grow or die within.
James Hollis, The Middle Passage
At a certain point in life, our old, often inherited ways of seeing and doing fail and disenchantment soon follows. ...But in this darkness, we are led to a critical juncture revealing a choice point:

Will you continue to hobble along with useless baggage?

Or, will you change and grow through pain unto a new, more potent horizon of meaning and manifestation?

This is precious territory that requires expert navigation. Working with me, you will learn to scale the heights and plunge the depths of your crisis with grace and grit. Straddling the thresholds between the old and new, you will unearth the mythic narrative that has been begging to be written in you. What follows is a life lived with unforeseen vibrance, integrity and engagement because it is the masterful embodiment of you.
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Narrative Reconstruction:

Part of our work together provides Narrative Reconstruction. This provides you with expert guidance into how you make meaning and enables you to more readily establish new meaning in your life. The intensity of this work slices through the interruptions and distractions often stalling the quarter or mid-life crisis and trapping you in old storylines. Save yourself years as you uncover the key insights that unlock your true path.

- Reveal with precise clarity how you have participated in and reinforced stories that are not your own.
- Put the author in you into the driver’s seat as Chris shows you how to write your own life narrative that belongs to you.
- Get concrete steps to help you embody your unique calling.

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In the middle of the road of my life I awoke in a dark wood, where the true way was wholly lost.
Dante, The Divine Comedy
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