Anxiety and Depression

Your emotional pain is often an unwelcome summons to wake you up to the unique autobiography you were meant to engrave upon the world.  Without your pain, you'd just keep hitting the rinse/repeat cycle and the soul does not stand for status quo responses.   The soul demands your daily genuflection to the innate image that won't settle for anything less than THE central role in your narrative.  

So, don't let the intensity of the feeling(s)  keep you from taking the next step of your journey or embodying the greatness you know you were meant to make manifest.  Working with me, you will discover how you can make fortresses of pain into portals for transformation. You will relate to your pain in ways that free you up to pursue that which implores you, rather than bind you to old story-lines.    Your actions will shift and the next stage of your hero's journey will open to you.

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We do not know what we want and yet we are responsible for what we are — that is the fact.
Jean-Paul Sartre
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