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Are you one of the 70% of disengaged Americans that is whittling your life away at work?

Disengagement in the workplace destroys the human need for purpose, meaning making and generativity. I’m here to re-ignite the fire of engagement in you. Our work together helps you to re-orient your life to the heroic journey you are meant to manifest. You have unique gifts, skills and interests that with the right support in the right place will help you to thrive. My coaching method stresses the following processes:

Restoration of Psychic Balance: Learn to relax the dominant voices in your psyche that keep you from success while you give more stage time to the disowned aspects of yourself. This process heals polar tensions in your psyche and builds stronger self-trust.

The Amplification of the “Great Self”: The movement towards self-trust supports you in uncovering your master of voices: what you will experience as the truth-telling “Great Self.” This enables our work together to re-discover your own myth as I lead you into handling the essential tools to embody it.

Dynamic Discernment Practice: Fostering the voice of intuition via the “Great Self” takes practice and time. Our coaching together accelerates this process. Here you learn your art of discernment - knowing when and how to act as well as which insights to act upon, and which ones to avoid.

Most of us blindly accept the mythlessness our cultures hand feeds us. When you follow these confused scripts your work life resigns into a disengagement that erodes your quality of life and the value you can bring to the people around you that matter most. The work I do is radical. It is life saving. And, it is life giving. Cultivate your deep self-trust. Recover the lost myth that you belong to. Discover a new sequence and meaning for your professional life.

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There is more in a human life than our theories of it allow. Sooner or later something seems to call us onto a particular path. You may remember this "something" as a signal moment in childhood when an urge out of nowhere, a fascination, a peculiar turn of events struck like an annunciation: This is what I must do, this is waht I've got to have. This is who I am.
James Hillman, The Soul's Code
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